Be Your Clients Truest Fan

This episode was created especially for financial advisors in my audience. No matter how you serve your clients, you’re probably feeling the sting of volatile markets and a turbulent economy. There’s a lot of worry going around. Rising interest rates, surging costs and declining stock prices seem to be a part of every extended conversation. You need to interrupt that pattern.


Now, maybe more than ever, you need to be certain your clients know that you’re their truest fan. No matter what they may be feeling, you have their back. And you’re ready to answer any questions they may have.


In this episode, I share some tried and true ideas for elevating your client relationships. Plus, you’ll learn to better appreciate the positive impact your efforts are making in this world. You got this!



1:08 Being a truest fan is a two-way street.

3:33 Your clients may be more worried about you than about themselves.

4:13 Should you be doing the opposite of what you normally do?

9:09 The importance of treating your future clients like they’re already clients.

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