7 Tips For Beating Afternoon Slumps


Finish the Day As Strongly As You Started It

When’s the last time you actually listened to the WORDS of a song that inspires you? Or truly took the time to reflect on gratitude? 

In this episode, we’ll walk through 7 tips for finishing your day on a high note. What’s cool is that each idea only takes about 5 minutes, but the impact can last for hours… even days.

Better still, these tips just might be your secret for beating the afternoon slump you might be fighting each day.

Listen now if you want to rid yourself of some stinking thinking and make each day a great day.

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(00:05): You’re listening to the truest fan podcast. And now here’s your host, Rob Brown.


(00:29): Do you ever fall prey to an afternoon slump, you know that point in the afternoon about two or three o’clock where you just can’t wait for the day to be over, and you think there’s no way you’ll be able to accomplish anything else in the rest of the day? Hi, folks, Rob Brown of the truest fan podcast here. And during this podcast, I want to share with you seven ways to stop that stake in thinking to come up with some attitude adjusting routines that will help you fight through that afternoon slump because it is a real thing. I can actually remember my high school biology teacher, Mrs. Pearson, talking about the fact that our class right after lunch was her worst of the day, because we all had too much food in our stomachs and too much sleep on our brains. And we never got anything done. And that’s actually not far from why we often run into these afternoon slumps, we’re just not ready, we’re not flowing, we don’t have our mindset, our body chemicals, whatever kind of going in the right direction to be able to finish the day as strongly as you begin it.

(01:29): So, I’m going to give you seven tips may take maybe five or 10 minutes to get done. But each one of them could be that antidote to your afternoon slump. So, number one, count your blessings. Gratitude has a way of helping us get over what may be bringing us down. So just close your eyes and visualize a fond experience, something that’s going on in your life that you’re really excited about whether it’s at work or at home, or just something you see out there in the world that has impact you and count that as a blessing. That’s a way to get over that afternoon slump. How about just turning on your favorite song doesn’t take long, doesn’t matter if it’s a high energy thing to really get your rockin and rollin or something smooth and easy to add some calm to your day.

(02:22): But just listen to those words, listen to the inspiration that you get from that message, tune everything else out. Don’t listen to the song while you’re doing something at listen to it all by itself. In that few minutes, that few minutes, you may be able to overcome some stinking thinking and overcome that afternoon slump. If you need a little physical way to get over that afternoon slump. How about just taking a walk, it doesn’t have to be a long-drawn-out walk, it doesn’t have to be a trip to the gym. What about just walking around your office park or if you work from home, walking around the block, just taking 10 minutes to be out there without distraction without cell phone without noises in your ear and just taking in nature appreciating what you have going on around you. And just getting some energy to be able to put some energy into the rest of your afternoon. Maybe you need a conversation.

(03:21): We all have friends who are good mentors, not the friends who like to bitch and moan and bring us down but the ones who pick us up and make us feel good about things even when things may be a little bit off kilter. So, a great way to beat that afternoon slump is to call on somebody and ask them to help you work through it. It doesn’t have to take a long time, but five minutes on the phone with a good mentor or friend could do the trick. You could also turn that around instead of calling a mentor What if you make a choice to help someone else? What if you go out of your way to think about somebody who could use some uplifting words from you could be a phone call, could be a text message could be an email, whatever it might be, but just think of somebody that you could help and by helping someone else you uplift your own spirits. You give yourself that shot of energy and you’re ready to move on to do other good things throughout the rest of your day.


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(04:50): One of the truest fan lessons is the importance of believing in yourself. What about in this time of day when things are shutting down? ours some stinking thinking is coming on board you decide, you know, I’m going to state some of my I am statements, some of my belief statements, just say out loud or meditate on some things that you believe about yourself why you’re such an awesome person, I am a great person because I go out of my way to help my clients achieve their biggest financial goals.

(05:23): If you’re a financial advisors, I believe in myself because the work that I do in the community really advances the causes that I care about, we all have those stapes those things that we believe about ourselves that if we take the time to repeat that, whether we’re just saying it out loud to ourselves, or meditating on them for five or 10 minutes, it’s a great way to be sure that you don’t allow any of that negative energy to come in to you and you can carry on with the rest of your day. And finally, and certainly not least, read some words of inspiration. If you can’t come up with your own words, pick up a favorite book, pick up a Bible, you know, my favorite is to go back and reread my morning devotional, just a few lines of Scripture with a prayer for the day, repeat that prayer, re listen or re-read that those words of inspiration and right back on track for making the rest of my day, a great day to get rid of that stinking thinking to really get rid of those afternoon blues.

(06:24): So, I want to encourage you if you’re one of those people, and I think most of us fall prey to this on a somewhat regular basis, have a mid-day or a midafternoon routine where you count your blessings. You listen to your favorite song, you take a walk you call a friend or a mentor, you help someone else you go through your belief statements about yourself, or you read some words of inspiration, any of those things, or any combination of those things will make the rest of your day a better day. I encourage you to do them because I want you to get the most out of each day. And remember, I will always be your truest fan. Thanks for listening. Please share this podcast with your friends and relatives’ and other people you think would benefit from these words.

Take care.

Rob Brown

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