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The Proven Approach to Mastering Client Introductions

While the notion of client introductions may have become clouded, studies consistently show that referrals drive significant growth in the industry. We believe that if you provide value to your clients and give them the chance to express their appreciation, they’ll naturally want to introduce others to your services. We delve into the concept of client advocacy, emphasizing that what you truly seek are introductions from advocates – those who value your work and are eager to share it with others.

What You Can Learn from The Peanut Man

Crazy start to a day. Ten minutes of one-on-one time with a true celebrity of sorts. You see, at 4:30am, my airport limo driver was none other than “The Peanut Man” of Indians baseball fame. Game after game, year after year, he has served thousands of fans. The Peanut Man has a booming voice and […]

Retirement Income Reality Check

These days, retirement is on every boomer’s mind. And with good reason. With the economic meltdown impacting retirement savings, unemployment at a high water mark and Social Security and other government programs under pressure, your clients may be experiencing a trifecta of bad news. Many pre-retirees are questioning whether they will ever retire. Fortunately for […]