The Importance of Finishing Strong

In this episode, I talk about the importance of finishing strong. Whether it’s a simple task, a major project or a period of life, the way we finish is often the difference between accomplishment and failure.

The Long Term Benefit Of Short Term Planning

Too often, we tell ourselves that we can only accomplish the “little things” in life. When in reality, we can accomplish big things, bigger than we might imagine, when we view them in small bites and truly take action. Listen to this episode to learn how.

Where is your time going?

What meeting, what relationship, what effort brings you closer to your goals? Let’s take a time inventory.

Can’t Do It All, Can You???

When you try to do everything yourself, your business suffers. And you invariably feel the stress. You may worry that when you are not around to keep an eye on things, your company could grind to a halt. These can be common thoughts… But they do NOT reflect the mindset of high achievers. Top performers […]

Beginning is Easy, Finishing is Tough

If you’re feeling like you need to start over again, and you have a good plan. Don’t give up just get focused, focused on shorter periods of time.