Finish Line Focus: Master the Final Stretch to End 2023 Like a Champion

Feeling like you’re falling behind, right on track, or crushing your goals like a pro? No matter where you stand, it’s not time to relax just yet. The final part of the race often determines the outcome, and we have just what you need to finish 2023 with a bang.
Tune in to the newest episode of The Truest Fan Podcast! Join hosts Rob Brown and Phil Calandra as they reveal proven strategies to help you make this year your best yet.
Feeling like you’re slipping behind? No worries. We have hacks to help you boost your performance and get you back in the race.
On track with your goals? Fantastic. Discover how to maintain your momentum and maybe even speed up to reach the finish line ahead of schedule.
Already smashing your goals? Amazing. We’ll show you how to level up and add some extra sparkle to an already great year.
And that’s not all. We share the Truest Fan Action Plan—a roadmap to help you achieve big wins in the home stretch. Implement these tweaks now, and you won’t just cross the finish line; you’ll soar past it!
Regardless of your current pace, let’s make the final stretch of 2023 a victory lap. Join us and make this year your best one yet!
In this week’s episode, Rob and Phil shed light on the following crucial topics:
  • The Importance of Checking in on Your Annual Goals Before it’s Too Late
  • Fostering Success: Recognizing Momentum and Leveraging a Positive Mindset
  • The Truest Fan Action Plan: A Great Framework for Determining What Will Matter Most
  • The Importance of Grasping Your Sphere of Control
  • Why Simplifying Your Action Steps is Crucial
Get ready to make the fourth quarter of 2023 a victory lap, whether you’re facing challenges or achieving great things. This episode is your compass, providing practical strategies to realign your path and conclude the year on a triumphant note. Refine your action plan, confidently reclaim momentum, and pave your way to success.
Show Highlights:
  • The value of checking in on yearly goals 02:12
  • The importance of acknowledging momentum and having the right mindset 03:50
  • The Truest Fan Action Plan – what is it and how it helps execute the right process 05:25
  • The three D’s to help you get you back on track 08:47
  • The critical impact of understanding what you can control 12:00
  • Why it’s advantageous to keep the process and action steps simple 15:18
  • The benefit of creating a simple, focused action plan 17:48
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