Mid-Year Strategies to Strengthen Your Advisory Practice

In this episode, Rob takes the hot seat as he and Phil dive deep into what financial advisors should be focusing on as we head into the second half of the year. They discuss practical strategies for managing client relationships, growing business more intentionally, handling the stress brought on by current news cycles, and staying proactive in your advisory practice.


Rob and Phil cover:

  • Handling the stresses that cannot be controlled and focusing on what can be controlled. 
  • The importance of reviewing your Truest Fan Action Plan during mid-year evaluations.
  • Being proactive, not just reactive, during your mid-year review.
  • Common pitfalls to avoid during a mid-year review.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Review your big dreams and vision to ensure your strategy for the second half of the year aligns with what truly matters to you.
  • Have a coach or mentor review your strategy to keep you accountable for your commitments.
  • Continue with what’s working, eliminate what isn’t, and maintain your plan to ensure steady progress.
  • Break your plans down into manageable action steps. Avoid taking on more than you can handle.


“When you have an action plan, and you look at it every day, and as you’re planning your day, you’re saying, ‘Have I set aside time to work on those things that I said I was going to work on that are going to lead me to my most important goals?’ it allows you to say no to the other stuff and allows you to put those other distractions aside.” – Rob Brown

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