The Danger of Comfort Zones

Are you confident that you have the right people in the right roles within your company? Building cohesive teams that complement each other’s strengths is crucial, yet many leaders struggle with this challenge.
In today’s episode, hosts Rob Brown and Phil Calandra explore an insightful framework from one of their favorite authors that not only helps to develop better leaders but also assess potential team members. It revolves around three key factors: “get it, want it, and the capacity to make it happen.”
As experienced business coaches and leaders of their own ventures, Rob and Phil have witnessed the repercussions of mismatched teams, where disengaged members drain momentum and disrupt progress. They delve into the three essential ingredients for fostering unified teams: understanding the vision, intrinsic motivation, and the ability to execute. They further illustrate these concepts with real-life examples of hiring mistakes that could have been avoided by assessing these attributes from the start.
A significant insight from their discussion is that while skills can be taught, passion is more challenging to instill. Leaders often overlook valuable team members working behind the scenes who deeply believe in the company’s mission. Sometimes, the intrinsic drive for the work itself outweighs monetary compensation.
Overall, this episode offers valuable guidance for building and nurturing exceptional teams, ensuring your organization’s long-term success.
In this week’s episode, Rob and Phil shed light on the following crucial topics:
  • Teamwork: Understanding, desiring, and having the capacity to achieve it
  • The importance of genuine motivation in team roles beyond financial incentives
  • Finding motivation during challenging times: The strength of wanting something for the right reasons
  • Applying the principles: Creating teams and personal growth
Gain insights to develop your own hiring framework and drive company success. This engaging discussion will resonate with leaders looking to foster cohesive, dedicated teams and redefine the essence of finding the right talent.
Show Highlights:
  • The alignment between team members on getting it, wanting it, and having the capacity to do it 01:59 
  • The importance of team members really wanting their roles and not just doing it for the money 06:11
  • Wanting something for the right reasons helps motivate through difficult times 11:20
  • Applying these principles when building your team or developing yourself 12:33
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