The Importance of Recovery Time (Hosted by Rob Brown and Phil Calandra)

In this week’s episode of the Truest Fan Podcast, our Chief Growth Architects, Rob Brown and Phil Calandra, are here to discuss the power of advocacy. In its simplest form, advocacy is a process for turning clients, centers of influence (COIs) and other influencers into promoters of you and your business. Advocacy, done well, leads to a more steady flow of referrals and introductions.

Advocacy can take many forms, from personal conversations to social media campaigns to networking in your community. But no matter the strategy, the keys to successful advocacy are planning and consistency.  You must regularly share your message. And you need to let your advocates know that you’re looking for new opportunities.

During their conversation, Rob and Phil share their insights on the most effective ways to amplify your advocacy efforts, including building strong partnerships and collaborations, utilizing social media platforms, and crafting compelling stories.

Whether you’re a seasoned advisor or just getting started, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we explore the power of amplifying your message to create a steady stream of referrals and introductions.

Show Highlights:

  • The importance of hitting your numbers in Q1 02:18

  • A client’s story on how to prepare for the next sprint 04:20

  • How to properly promote your advocacy 07:18

  • Regular conversations – why you should invest in it 10:36

  • The importance of client consistency in acquisition 13:59

  • How to be consistent with your communication 15:30


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