The Importance of Staying Positive and Being Empathetic (Featuring James Mayer)

Sometimes happiness seems elusive. We struggle to find fulfillment. Our business goals feel out of reach. One great path to all three is committing to helping  others. When you focus on others instead of yourself, you open up opportunities for growth and change that you may have never thought possible.

In this episode of the Truest Fan podcast, you’ll meet Doug Greathouse, the CEO of SalesSite, a full-service digital marketing company. Doug is also the host of the Entrepreneur Journey podcast. He helps small to midsize businesses increase their revenue through strategic digital marketing.

During this episode, Doug walks us through how serving others can increase your relationship capital. Indeed, from mentorship to networking and even just lending a helping hand, paying it forward has unseen benefits that can help you succeed like never before.

Show Highlights:

01:50 Doug’s favorite baseball team
02:59 The significance of being committed to excellence 
05:19 How helping others can help you get what you want in life
14:47 Why it’s crucial to continuously look for ways to add value to clients
18:40 The impact of having opportunities to serve others
21:30 Activities that build relationships and connections with others 
23:20 How Doug helps clients get more leads and sales 

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