068: Align and Thrive: Unleashing the Power to Achieve Your Goals

We’ve started the year off strong! Some of us are doing really well, while others are gaining momentum. And unfortunately, some of us may already feel like we’re falling behind.
No matter where you are right now, we all want 2024 to be an amazing year—a year where we not only achieve our goals, but surpass them. Get ready for this episode, because it’s packed with important insights to make it happen.
This week on The Truest Fan Blueprint, Rob Brown and Phil Calandra dive deep into the common feeling of falling behind on our goals. They reveal the main culprits that cause our aspirations to stall, and most importantly, they share their battle-tested planning strategy to get back on track.
Rob explains why the traditional 12-month goal-setting approach often backfires. It turns out we tend to overestimate what we can accomplish and our tasks can seem overwhelming, even when we’re just 30 days into a new year. But he offers a solution. Phil emphasizes the power of continuous action, instead of just reacting to situations. By implementing The Truest Fan Action Plan (TFAP), we can gain the clarity we need to overcome procrastination and achieve our goals with enthusiasm.
The key takeaway for anyone feeling like they’re playing catch-up? Focus on making small progress through disciplined action, rather than searching for quick fixes. By letting go of the expectation of overnight success, we position ourselves to not only achieve but even exceed our wildest dreams.
In this week’s episode, Rob and Phil shed light on some important topics:
  • The value of 12-month goals and 90-day sprints in crafting a solid business plan
  • How embracing small progress can help us avoid feeling stagnant and trapped in the pursuit of our dreams
Get ready, because this episode is about to inspire and motivate you. Buckle up and let’s make 2024 our most epic year yet.
Show Highlights:
  • Why do people often feel like they are constantly lagging behind on their goals year after year?  02:06
  • The value of breaking down your 12-month goals into 90-day sprints 04:37
  • Unveiling the path to achieving your goals: The art of orchestrating a series of actions. 09:20
  • Things to take action on today to ensure you achieve your goals by the end of the year 11:10
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