Building a Legacy of Growth & Purpose

The PGA Tour posted this quote on social media after Max Homa’s brush with a Masters green jacket.

I absolutely love it.

And not just because I was quietly rooting for Max to win.

These reflections should resonate with anyone striving for excellence.

Max said, “Winning doesn’t always come with a trophy… Winning is fickle. Learning, working, growing, and progressing is the dream.”

This mindset isn’t just for championship-level golfers.

I believe this approach is also crucial for financial planners and advisors aiming for next level success.

Let’s break it down:

1) The Scoreboard is Secondary: It’s easy for financial advisors to get caught up in the numbers game.

You keep score with assets under management, recurring revenues, returns generated…

However, true success comes from striving to be your best every day, regardless of the immediate outcomes.

2) The Power of Process and Coaching: Success is a product of how you learn, work, and grow.

Having a structured process to follow each day, aided by a coach, ensures that you’re not just going through the motions.

The right framework leads you toward meaningful improvement and achieving your full potential.

3) Continuous Improvement as a Victory: Every step forward, no matter how small, is a win.

The journey of continuous improvement—always seeking to be the best version of yourself—ensures that you are a winner.

You don’t need external validation, whether received or not.

4) Rooted in Purpose: It all starts with knowing why you do what you do.

Understanding your true purpose is at the foundation of a fulfilling career and life.

This understanding drives every decision and action, aligning your daily work with your deepest values.

As Max put it, “with the right mindset, losing leads to better.”

It’s about constant improvement, exploring your potential, and seeing where it takes you—be it to major championships or other victories defined by personal growth and satisfaction.

Our Inner Circle Mastermind and Coaching Programs are tailored for financial advisors and planners who are ready to build businesses and lives filled with significance and impact.

They are designed to help you discover greater purpose, increase profits, and achieve the freedom you seek.

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Rooting for your success!

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