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How high-achieving financial professionals like you can enjoy greater focus, freedom, and fulfillment… in business and in life!

Most people would say you’ve already accomplished plenty.

After all, you have a successful career, a comfortable lifestyle, and a happy home.

Yet you can’t help feeling there must be something more – a higher level of success, a deeper sense of purpose, a bigger impact to be made – if only you knew how to take things to that next level.

But that’s the problem in a nutshell. You don’t know how.

You’ve reached a plateau where just doing what you already do is keeping you too busy to find the way forward.

Comparing your achievements to those of others (and trying to figure out how they get to do it all) only leaves you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, distracted, and unsatisfied.

So you’re wondering, “Is this it for me, or can I go further?”

You don’t want to lose any of the success you’ve already earned, so you’re a little wary of making big, dramatic decisions in case something goes wrong. At the same time, you know you’ll need to make decisions and take action if you want to generate meaningful change.

Ultimately, the cause of the problem is super-simple:

This is completely normal. In fact, it’s the way all growth and development works.

Questioning if there could be more to life means you’re ready for there to be more. The higher you climb, the more you can see and the more you realize just how much further you could go.

But what got you here won’t get you there, so it’s time to take a different approach than those you’ve applied so far.

Success begins with a clear path to a specific destination

To reach the next level of success, you must first get clear on what you really want to achieve. You can’t take the right steps until you establish what direction you want to go!

So if you’d like to experience greater purpose and make a bigger impact in the world, what will that look like?

Once you identify your most meaningful goals, you can map out your path to turn those goals into reality.

The process of realizing your next-level goals is a little different for everyone, but there are key commonalities for everybody who’s reached this stage in their life and career.

Chances are, you’ll need to strategize how to get the most out of your time and energy. That may mean working in focused action sprints… or building a powerful team so you’re not trying to do everything yourself… or elevating your marketing with new ways to bring in leads and prospects… or all of the above and more.

With the right strategy in place, you can create more time freedom and personal autonomy while scaling your business success.

You’ll generate more wealth along the way, but that’s almost incidental. The real point is to live intentionally and enjoyably, knowing that your actions create a worthwhile difference in the world. And the right strategy makes all of this much easier to accomplish than you might expect!

I’ve done it myself, and I’ve taught hundreds of financial advisors, financial planners, investment advisors, and business leaders to do it too.

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Now I’d like to share with you the proven framework that we all used to guide our steps and build a path from our previous plateaus to our next-level goals.

I developed this framework based on more than 25 years of industry expertise, plus the insights gained from my work as an executive coach to other financial professionals. And after confirming that it works like a charm, I created an entire training and coaching program to optimize the way the framework is applied and acted upon.

Introducing… Truest Fan High-Impact Leadership for Financial Professionals

This is an action-packed, value-driven program for financial planners, financial advisors, RIAs, and business leaders who want to move beyond simple business success and income, towards a higher sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Through online learning, expert coaching, and impactful practical exercises, this program takes you step by step from where you stand today to overcoming your biggest roadblocks, accomplishing your most important goals, and mapping out your success plan for the next year and beyond.

Check Out the Program Curriculum…

Module 1: Welcome

In this introductory module you’ll take a tour of the entire Truest Fan Leadership Framework, see examples of the results you can expect to gain, and discover how to get the most from the program.

Module 2: Dream Big

When your greatest goals and aspirations are based on your biggest dreams, transformation becomes possible. In this module you’ll clarify your greatest goals and aspirations – both personally and as it relates to your team and organization – and you’ll explore how your business and life intersect and support one another.

Module 3: Be Your Own Truest Fan

Self-belief and belief in your team are cornerstones to living and leading with purpose and impact. By creating a series of self-belief statements that you can use repeatedly, you will more confidently achieve your greatest goals and aspirations and eliminate self-doubt.

Module 4: What's Most Important

Results happen fastest when you focus on your top priorities and avoid distractions. In this module you’ll learn how to evaluate your priorities and define what matters most in order to get the results you want.

Module 5: Building Your Game Plan

Your game plan turns your dreams, beliefs, and priorities into action steps. So in this module you’ll chunk your biggest dreams into smaller attainable goals, then turn those smaller goals into one-by-one action steps to map out your detailed game plan for a 12-week sprint.

Module 6: Home Run Habits

Recurring success routines keep you on track and reduce overload. That’s why in this module you’ll use what you’ve learned so far to develop the success habits required to successfully complete your first 12-week action sprint (and the next, and the next…).

Module 7: Take The Field

To achieve both quick wins and longer-term results, this module involves learning how to assess and overcome your obstacles so that you can execute your 12-week game plan successfully.

Module 8: Metrics That Metric

Regular reviews of your key performance indicators will keep you on track. In this module you’ll create suitable KPIs for your specific goals, calculate your success gap, and create your ideal monitoring process so that you can measure your progress with ease.

Module 9: Delight Your Fans

Delivering an exceptional client and stakeholder experience builds a loyal following. In this module you’ll identify your stakeholders and plan how you will elevate their experience so that they become your truest fans.

Module 10: Lean Into Leadership

Growing your own leadership mindset and doing the same for each member of your team will strengthen your business and lead to exponential results. In this module you’ll explore a range of leadership opportunities and effective ways to build stronger teams.

What’s True Transformation Worth?

When you start taking action with a solid game plan to accomplish your most meaningful goals, your business and your life will change considerably…

“I feel a lot better about where I stand today as well as where I’m going to be in the future… I’m accomplishing what I want; I’m on the path that I want to be on.”

“What I was hoping to accomplish was growth and a return on my investment. However, I feel like the greatest benefit is something I was not trying to seek out. Not to sound too much like a credit card commercial, it’s priceless the ROI that I’ve seen [in] organization and direction and implementation of things that I want to accomplish.”

The biggest cost you could incur at this point is the cost of doing nothing. Because if you do nothing new, then nothing will change.
But if you step up to the plate and take practical steps to generate transformation, then the value you can realize is virtually limitless..

You have two options to join the Truest Fan Transformational Leadership Course today:

OPTION 1: Semi-private coaching package

  • Access to all digital program materials, resources, and exercises
  • Bi-Weekly live group coaching calls to keep you on track for success
  • PLUS individualized email and video coaching

Investment: one payment of $4,000 or two payments of $2,100

OPTION 2: One-on-one coaching package

  • Access to all digital program materials, resources, and exercises
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one coaching calls for in-depth, personalized support and advice
  • Private email and video coaching
  • Monthly mastermind

Investment: $9,997 (No current openings, but you may join the waiting list by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does it start?
A: The course begins with your Welcome module, which you’ll gain access to on November 15th. After that, you’ll move on to a new modules as they are unlocked one by one over the next eight weeks.

Q: What will I actually be doing?
A: You’ll study a range of online learning materials, work through practical exercises that make a tangible difference in your leadership and your business, and meet with me for coaching to make sure you stay on track for success. (The intensity of your coaching experience depends on which course package you choose.) Along the way, you’ll map out your game plan for the next 3 months, the next year, and the next 3 years – and you’ll develop the skills and success habits to make it all happen.

Q: What if my business is just me, with no team to lead?
A: Then we’ll work on two fronts: first, ensuring that you have the clear goals and strategy you need to achieve the life and business you truly want, and second, building a great team if that turns out to be one of your goals.

Q: What if I’m not sure what my goals ought to be?
A: No problem! That’s one of the first things we’ll work on within the course. If you don’t have any idea what goals you want to accomplish, I’ll help you figure that out. Or if you only have a vague sense of your goals, we’ll work together to make them crystal clear and concrete.

Q: How do I know this will work for me?
A: The framework and methods I will share with you during this course are universal in nature; they will work for anyone who understands them and applies them properly. Hundreds of my clients have used these same approaches to great effect, so you can be confident that they will work for you too.

Q: What if I’m different – what if it doesn’t work for me?
A: Then I’ll be very surprised! But just in case, you’re covered by my 30-day money back guarantee. So if after following the lessons and instructions for the first four weeks, you don’t believe that you’ll be able to make progress towards your biggest goals through this course, just let me know before the end of the 30th day and I’ll reimburse your investment in full.

The life of meaning, purpose, and freedom that you want *is* within your reach. All you need is a little guidance from an industry expert to help you achieve it! So the sooner you take action to get started on that path, the sooner you can enjoy accomplishing your biggest goals and making a genuine impact in the world.

Step up to the plate today!

Rob Brown

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