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Destructive Distractions Blocking Your Dreams


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I have a friend who has great ambition. He is a go-getter. An energizer bunny in a well-tailored suit. He’s up at 4 am and pushes the pace all day.

Despite his hard-charging routine, his biggest goals always seem just out of reach. Over time, he has grown frustrated and disillusioned.

You might not believe it if you saw him in action… but he’s absolutely burnt out.

On the work front, he does well with most clients, but due to a lack of clarity on his goals, too many clients are getting less than white-glove service. This eats away at him.

At home, things are less than ideal. A marriage of nearly two decades is hovering dangerously close to divorce.

While this situation is painful, it’s unfortunately not uncommon.

Although there’s no quick fix, my friend is working on a couple of really important steps. Things within his control that will lead him on a path to living the life he was meant to live.

Number one… setting clear goals that tie directly into his deep-felt DREAMS & PURPOSE.

And number two… eliminating the DISTRACTIONS that are keeping him from what matters most.

We all benefit when we put ourselves in a position to truly focus on our purpose.

Today’s 90-second audio clip from the Truest Fan Audiobook focuses on destroying destructive distractions.

Yeah, I know this in itself could be a distraction. Hopefully, a worthwhile one 🙂

Or if you’re so inclined, just click your way to the Jeff Bezos blog (also known as Amazon) and grab the full audiobook.

Look at your day and see what you can prune away that…

  • steals your time
  • produces negativity rather than positivity
  • takes you away from your higher priorities

Clip Highlights

Audiobook Clip Transcript

Do you feel like you have too much to do? And not enough time to get it done? Let you know what you need to do most. But it always slips to the bottom of your priority list. Absolutely. Most days I said immediately.


What are your greatest distractions he asked. Phone calls to return, endless emails, staff members who need my attention, and all the stuff I need to do to keep my clients happy, I rattled off, and what does that stuff keep you from getting done? He continued?

Well, I don’t feel I’m giving my clients all the attention they deserve. And they’re the lifeblood of my business. When it comes to adding new clients, my marketing and prospecting takes a backseat. And I have some important changes I like to make to my business, things that will allow my team to operate more efficiently and more purposefully.

What else he prodded. Since you asked, I said, I worried that I’m distracted when I’m at home. I can’t seem to turn my business off. That has to affect my relationship with my wife and daughters. They deserve better. And there’s some stuff I like to do like regular exercise and share your work that always gets put on the back burner. Anything more he pressed again.

You know I bet there is but I’m so busy. I never stop to take the time to really do anything about it. So maybe that’s the biggest challenge of all. Bingo, Ken said with a faint applause you hit the nail on the head.

Take care,
Rob Brown

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