Nine Year Old asks “Does God Talk?”


Does God talk? A few days ago, one of my former website members, Carol, signed up to receive my 30 emails in 30 days, but she issued a return challenge…

Robb, I’m in but here’s one for you – not business oriented.

I’m collecting emails to put in a book for my nine year old niece, Taylor. I’m her godmother and one day she asked me, “Aunt Carol, how does God talk?”

She’s nine; nine year olds don’t quite get what that means. So, I’ve been asking everyone that question.I’m gathering all the responses in a book that her Dad and Mom can give to her, in 10 or 20 years when she needs it.

Are you in?

Well, my offering a response only seemed reasonable. After all, turnabout is fair play. Here’s what I wrote…

Yes, God talks. He talks through the beauty that surrounds us. The beauty of nature. The beauty of the people who love us and care for us. The beauty of surprising chance encounters. The beauty of life’s special occasions.

If you really listen, you can hear him…sometimes in whispers and other times in shouts. If you listen even more, his voice may be echoed in the words of others. If you really look, he’s there with smiling eyes. If you need him even more, his arms are outstretched in an invisible, yet unrelenting hug…it feels warm.

God talks when we go to him in conversation and prayer. Whether we’re just silently meditating on a thought or talking out loud as if no one else were around. Whether we’re by ourselves or with a group of friends in study, fellowship or worship.

If we really listen, shutting out the noise of everyday life, we can hear him. He tells us how much he loves us. He tells us he has sacrificed everything for us. He tells us he will always be there for us…always listening and always responding.

In return, he only asks for our love, prayers, and faithfulness…to talk to him. And for us to share his love with others…to share his conversation.

Simple requests from an awesome God.

Carol wrote back…

Robb, God must’ve talked to me without my knowing it.

I don’t really know you, we’ve never met but somehow I knew you’d be really good with this question. Wow! You did a superb job. Thank you so much!

I will forward other responses I’ve received as soon as I get them together. I can’t remember whether I included my god-daughter’s picture but I will. She’s adorable.

If you’d like to share your thoughts with young Taylor…you can email me at And I’ll send them along to Carol.


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