Joe Bertilson: Sharing Generosity with Your Clients

In this episode, Joe Bertilson shares his journey from his affiliation with a major investment firm to founding Cedrus Wealth Group. Discover how Joe has integrated faith, generosity, and mentorship to build a purpose-driven advisory firm. Learn about the importance of asking clients about their charitable inclinations, fostering a culture of giving, and creating a lasting impact in the community. Joe’s story is an inspiring example of how financial advisors can blend personal values with professional success.


In this episode, Rob, Phil, and Joe delve into:

  • The importance of integrating generosity into financial planning.
  • Strategies for asking clients about their charitable inclinations.
  • Building a firm culture focused on mentorship and community impact.
  • Creating a ripple effect of generosity through client engagement and community involvement.
  • How to leverage personal values to enhance client relationships and business growth.

Key Takeaways: 

  • It’s great to listen to other’s feedback, but you can accomplish so much more by staying in your lane with what you uniquely do best. 
  • Ask all of your clients “Are you charitably inclined?” Regardless of the answer, it opens the conversation. 
  • People hate taxes but love their charities. Many want to give more but don’t know the best way to go about it in their financial plans. 
  • Generosity has a way of rippling out, spreading widely, and affecting more people. Keep the conversation going. 


“My challenge to advisors was, if your vision is to provide for your family, then your vision is too small. We have the capacity and the capability to bless a lot more people if we put in the effort.” – Joe Bertilson

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