John Browning: Asking “Why” To Help Your Clients Live Their Best Lives

This week’s episode focuses on an important concept: wealth management isn’t just about managing portfolios—it’s about shaping lives. Tune in as we follow John Browning’s journey through his diverse roles in the wealth and portfolio management industry. Learn from John’s invaluable insights on building lasting relationships with clients.


In this episode, Rob, Phil, and John talk about:

  • John’s professional journey from some of the biggest firms on Wall Street to building his own firm, Guardian Rock Wealth.
  • John’s book – Build a Life, Not a Portfolio.
  • Why you should ask “why” when working with your clients as a wealth manager.
  • Advice to people working with financial advisors to know if their advisor is the right fit for them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your portfolio should be built to fit your life, not the other way around.
  • Money is a tool. It can be used to benefit your life, or it can be used for destruction. Everyone has different needs and values and different ideas of what the best life lived may be.
  • Beware of becoming a poor rich person. More money and more stuff don’t bring you happiness and fulfillment.
  • There are great financial advisors out there. You want to pay attention to what they say and select your advisor carefully.


“There’s a chapter in my book called “The Snowflake Theory,” dedicated to trying to get people to understand we all look through our own lens from our own perspective…You really need to concentrate on being open to that and letting people decide for themselves what their best life is.” – John Browning

About John Browning: John serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Guardian Rock Wealth and is the Amazon best-selling author of the book “Build a Life, not a Portfolio: A Guide to Your Financial Future Based on Your Personal Values,” which can be found on Amazon or by contacting Guardian Rock Wealth for a free copy. You can get to know John more by listening to his weekly “Building Your Life Podcast.”

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