John Stadtmueller: Why Purpose-Focused Advisors Finish First

Today we talk with John Stadtmueller, the Founder of Good Advisors Finish First, an independent network of financial advisors committed to pursuing better client outcomes as a community. John shares with us the four core values of the community, highlights the need for innovative thinking, open-mindedness, and a more collaborative approach in addressing industry needs, and gives an example of how a community approach to solving problems helps everyone grow and succeed. 


In this episode, Rob, Phil, and John delve into:

  • Focusing on being better for your clients. 
  • Why you should be radically open-minded. 
  • Communicating your value and your value proposition to your clients and potential clients. 
  • Pursuing better client outcomes as part of an advisor community. 
  • The two biggest mistakes that prevent advisors from being a great advisor. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Keep your focus on the good. Your business is about more than just apologizing for the industry, it is about delivering value to your clients. 
  • Share openly with your peers. As an advisor, drive the conversation and bring in third parties when it makes sense. 
  • Advisors make huge differences in the communities they serve and in the causes they care about. Purpose-focused advisors give back. 
  • Learn from everyone, follow no one. There is no one right way to do things. 
  • You don’t have to give a choice – you can give your best advice.  


“A huge miss that a lot of advisors have is just being open to saying ‘I don’t know,’ because you’re probably not going to know everything. You’re not going to be an expert. A big thing that we all talk about is finding your niche and really owning who you are, and what you can deliver in terms of value, and then being open and willing to take help. Rather you’re finding those resources that can help you deliver that better result for the clients rather than trying to scramble and pretend that you know everything.” – John Stadtmueller

About John Stadtmueller: After a 20 year career in the financial services industry, predominantly in roles supporting financial advisors, John Stadtmueller created a movement to demonstrate “Good Advisors Finish First.” Two years later, John doubled down on his passion to pursue this cause by leaving a comfortable job in Corporate America and began building the Good Advisors Finish First (GAFF) Community. GAFF now boasts over 150 members, from over 20 different B/Ds and RIAs, all committed to Pursuing Better Client Outcomes as a Community. EVERYONE is Invited however Seating is Limited to those who adhere to 4 Core Values: 1. Humility, 2. Abundance, 3. Reciprocity, 4. Pass the Torch.

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