Zack Hubbard: Making Financial Planning Accessible for Everyone

Today, Rob sits down with Zack Hubbard, Director of Financial Planning & Participant Engagement with Greenspring Advisors, to explore how to make financial planning more accessible for everyone. They discuss the importance of offering high-quality advice to all clients, tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. Zack shares how his firm maintains valuable communication with clients through age-based advice delivered via email, short videos, and other relationship-building touchpoints. This episode is packed with actionable advice you can start implementing right away. Don’t miss this insightful conversation that can help you enhance your client relationships and service delivery.


In this episode, Rob and Zack delve into:

  • The importance of financial planning for everyone, not just the super-wealthy.
  • The time commitment required for effective financial planning.
  • How to grow your practice without eliminating smaller client relationships.
  • Prioritizing the most significant areas of concern for clients.
  • Connecting with clients in ways that are most meaningful and effective for them.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Building client relationships isn’t always immediately profitable due to the initial effort required for comprehensive planning. Break the process into manageable pieces and prioritize the client’s most pressing needs first.
  • Many clients lack a complete understanding of their financial situation. Presenting their financial plan in stages can reduce overwhelm and strengthen your long-term relationship.
  • Utilize age-based communication with your clients. Age-related triggers often provide easy, actionable advice that clients will likely find relevant and helpful.


“People want to be served the way that they want to be served and we can adjust our businesses to do that and serve more people.” – Zack Hubbard

About Zack Hubbard: Zack is the Director of Financial Planning and Participant Engagement at Greenspring Advisors. As Director, Zack leads a team of financial planners that help our Private Wealth advisors deliver comprehensive financial plans to their clients and also deliver personalized planning and advice to the participants in the retirement plans that our corporate retirement advisors work with. Zack is focused on expanding access to financial planning to the masses.

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