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Hello Friends,

Greetings from Phil Calandra and Rob Brown, Chief Growth Architects at Truest Fan Coaching!

We wanted to share an insightful video with you where we discuss a challenge that many financial advisors face – the struggle to generate high-quality client introductions. In today’s competitive landscape, advisors often find it tough to attract new clients who align with their expertise and values.

Common Misconception

In this video, we address a common misconception: clients don’t refer you, happy clients do. We believe that the key to attracting high-quality introductions lies in cultivating client happiness through a proven system, one that brings your ultimate clients directly to you. This system is at the heart of what we teach in our AUM Accelerator program.

Immense Potential

Rob shares his insights on why this area is often overlooked, despite its immense potential in transforming an advisory practice. While the notion of client introductions may have become clouded, studies consistently show that referrals drive significant growth in the industry. We believe that if you provide value to your clients and give them the chance to express their appreciation, they’ll naturally want to introduce others to your services.

Client Advocacy

We delve into the concept of client advocacy, emphasizing that what you truly seek are introductions from advocates – those who value your work and are eager to share it with others. We’ll discuss how to create these advocates, with examples like the advisor who mastered working with centers of influence, crafting an approach that resonated with her audience.

We can help…

If you’re determined to overcome the challenges of building a practice based on introductions, referrals, and centers of influence, then our AUM Accelerator is the ideal solution. It’s designed to empower you with actionable strategies that maximize your growth potential.

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We’re passionate about helping advisors like you achieve success, and we’d be thrilled to have you join our AUM Accelerator program. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Rooting for your success!,

Phil Calandra and Rob Brown, Chief Growth Architects, Truest Fan Coaching

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