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As a kid, I got excited just thinking about going to a baseball game.

I have been a fan of my hometown Cleveland Indians ever since I could hold a baseball and a mitt.

And I learned about more than baseball by being a young Tribe fan.

Nearly 60 years later, you may be surprised to know that these lessons from my childhood are part of my core principles for leadership and success.

I literally use these lessons with my clients everyday.

And that’s why I wrote Truest Fan.

The most important lesson I learned early in life was to cheer and encourage others. Even when the odds were long.

You see, being a truest fan, and having others be your truest fan can carry you a long, long way.

You have more joy that you can share with others as you accomplish your biggest goals.

You’re able to meet new challenges with a never say die attitude.

The agony of defeat doesn’t last as long as it ordinarily might.

And you’re never alone because you have a rooting section.

Sure, your “team” may vary in different contexts. Could be…

… your relationships with family and friends
… the clients you serve
… the team you lead in your business
…or the causes and passion projects you join in on

But when you are a Truest Fan, you cheer like crazy. You’re the booming voice in the crowd with the loudest words of encouragement.


Your team may even be down by 6 runs late in the game. But you’re still rooting them on.

Truest fans never give up.

Here’s a 79-second clip from the new Audiobook version of Truest Fan with an important lesson you won’t want to miss.

Clip Highlights

Audiobook Clip Transcript

You see, the truth is, for every one of those guys who tried to bring me down, there have been dozens who have lifted me up. I have far more fans than I can possibly count.

Some knew who and what I was and supported me just the same. Some have never asked about my background. They just offered their encouragement, and even more who have done small things that have impacted my life in big ways. And they may never know how profound their inspiration has been.

Each and every one of these people has been more than a fan. They have been what I call truest fans. They’re the folks who live to love and serve and expect nothing in return. So I’ve committed to living my life to becoming the truest fan of as many people as I possibly can.

And now you’re at the plate. Are you ready for the first pitch? Whoa, I squirmed Hold on I’m just here for some baseball. I know he said an agreement. And I don’t want to lay it on too thick.

But if you really want more out of life, if you really want to feel like a success. If you want to learn exactly how to stop comparing yourself to others. This will be the most important lesson you ever learn.

Take care,
Rob Brown

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