Phil Weiss: Life Planning to Help Clients Thrive

In this episode, Rob, Phil, and Phil discuss:

  • How Phil reinvented his career around financial and life planning. 
  • Why life planning can be more impactful than solely financial planning. 
  • Choosing your niche and understanding your why. 
  • Phil’s nine-step process to informed success. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • To lead a more fulfilling life, aligning our resources (time, energy, attention, and money) with our values is paramount.
  • Considering the future involves more than just financial objectives; your purpose and values hold the power to impact lives significantly.
  • When identifying your niche, examine your existing clientele and those you enjoy working with the most. Then, assess how these clients align with your core purpose.
  • When considering merging firms or bringing in a new partner, it’s crucial to align values and goals for a successful partnership.

“I work with women facing new beginnings. There’s a change happening, and they don’t know what comes next, so the life planning process really fits well because one of the things that it does is it helps you to identify those things that are most important to you.” – Phil Weiss

About Phil Weiss: Phil Weiss started his financial services career in 1987 as a tax professional working for Deloitte & Touche. For the past 25+ years, he has worked extensively in the areas of personal finance and investment management. In addition to being both a CFA charterholder and a CPA, Phil is also a Registered Life Planner®.

Phil focuses his Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) business on providing financial planning, personal finance, and investment management services and education to women facing new beginnings.

Phil has served as a featured media spokesperson and has written weekly commentary on investment- and income tax-related topics.  He continues to blog regularly for Apprise.

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