Shifting Perspectives: Decoding the Fear of Change

Your best days usually start when you wake up feeling excited. This ray of positivity affects how you go about your day – the actions and decisions you take and how you interact with others. This excitement often stems from enthusiasm – a feeling that inspires you to be authentically who you are. 
In this episode of the Truest Fan Blueprint, Rob Brown and Phil Calandra talk about choosing enthusiasm and igniting change from within. Like any daily decision, being enthusiastic is a conscious choice. 
When you feel enthusiastic about something, you also become more intentional and passionate about it. And this leads you on a path of discovering what really fuels your soul and how to become the truest fan of your own self.
In this week’s episode, Rob and Phil shed light on the following crucial topics:
  • Day-to-Day Enthusiasm: How to Position Positive Energy in Your Daily Interactions
  • Authentic Enthusiasm: Figuring Out How to Be a Better Version of Yourself
  • Fueling Your Purpose: The Influence of Enthusiasm on Your Actions and Decisions
  • Two Lessons to Being a Truest Fan: Self-Belief and The Power of Simple Gestures
When you ignite change from within through enthusiasm, you become aware of what motivates you to become the best version of yourself, you acknowledge your impact on others and you learn to live out your passions.  
Show Highlights:
  • The effects of being enthusiastic 01:45
  • Showcasing authenticity through enthusiasm and passion 02:40
  • How enthusiasm impacts our actions and decisions 05:45
  • The significance of self-belief and simple gestures that impact other people 09:00
“If I choose to be enthusiastic, upbeat, and excited, my days, the work I do with my clients, and the relationships I have with my family are better.” -Rob Brown

“To be a truest fan, you need to believe in yourself and to believe in yourself, you need to be enthusiastic about who you are.” -Rob Brown

“A big part of success is understanding what really fuels you and what generates you to be the best version of yourself.” -Phil Calandra

“You’re impacting people every single day and in every single way that you interact.” -Phil Calandra

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