Sometimes Success Is Found In Your Alone Time

In this episode of the Truest Fan Podcast, you’ll meet coach and author, Nina Cooke. Nina loves to help financial advisors and entrepreneurs strengthen their mindset. We talk about achieving peak performance. The significance of truly paying attention to the way we think. And how to keep our thoughts from becoming obstacles to our success. We also dig deep into the importance of avoiding the trap of comparing ourselves to others. These are extremely important concepts when we’re striving to achieve our next levels of success. Nina also shares a surprise bonus if you listen to the end.




06:50 There’s no point in comparing your inside thoughts to someone else’s outside appearance because people like to show off the very best of their lives, you may not understand how things may actually be. 

08:47 When we go through life basing decisions on a limited perception of who we really are, we end up holding ourselves back from our full potential.

14:01 Often, there is a big fear of success keeping us from moving ahead and this fear is not something we stop to consider.

21:23 Rejection can be scary at a subconscious level, but another way of looking at rejection is that it’s not personal.

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