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7 Lessons for Creating Greater Purpose & Impact in Life & Business

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7 Lessons for Creating Greater Purpose & Impact in Life & Business

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A Word from the Author

This book is written for anyone looking to improve their life, outlook, family, business, or relationships. By becoming a truest fan, you change and so does the world around you. Ready to hit a home run?

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Become a Truest Fan

LIVE, LOVE, & LEAD with Purpose and Impact

Introducing Bruiser

...I met him at a baseball game. Here's just a little of what he taught me:

Meet Willie

Willie has a big smile, silver hair and the look of someone who really likes to hear your story. He never met a stranger.

This is Sue

Sue is a quiet woman with a warm loving smile and a twinkle in her eye. Someone you can just sit with in quiet and feel her love.

"You need to be a Truest Fan of your spouse and your family. They totally deserve the best of everything you’re doing for yourself and for others."
– Sue

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About Rob Brown and Truest Fan

Hello, my name is Rob Brown. My career has been in the financial services industry as a top-producing advisor followed by senior leadership roles. Now, I’m a business coach who helps my clients achieve excellence while living more purpose-filled lives  Over the course of my career, I have discovered that a large part of my success has come through the active encouragement of others. I love cheering on family, friends, colleagues and clients.

This book, Truest Fan, distills ways of acting and thinking to perform at your highest level. You follow the story of seven fictional characters that each convey a lesson you can put into practice. Just as in baseball, before you reach the major leagues, you have to learn the basics. This book focuses your attention on what matters in your life – be it a spouse, business, colleagues, or kids. Many people lose years of their life because of the intensity of urgent to-do’s and distractions we all face.

Truest Fan strips back the facade. It helps you consider what your life would be like if you were purposely living each day as your own Truest Fan. What would your life be like if you swing for the fences in each relationship, each project, and each goal? Then, what would that be like if you focused a pro mindset and effort on being a Truest Fan to those around you.

It might amaze you to find that you begin winning more games.  And along the way you enjoy the journey a whole lot more too!

Thank you! 

From a Truest Fan.
-Rob Brown

Here are some Truest Fan cheers...share them on social media and help build the Truest Fan tribe.

A genuine smile goes a long way.  Don’t hide it.

You have important work to do. What really matters most?

I am your Truest Fan and I have your back.

Make sure you rock it today.

It’s a great day to play … play your best!

Have you tried to make a new friend today?

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