Will You REALLY Accomplish Your Goals This Year?

Will You REALLY Accomplish Your Goals This Year?


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Did you know that 80% of New Year resolutions fail by the second week of February and only 8% of people actually achieve the resolutions they made at the beginning of the year? These statistics don’t seem far-fetched since resolutions are often made during a time of intense peer and societal pressure. Too often, resolutions can be your interpretation of what you believe other people think you should achieve. They have nothing to do with what you really want to accomplish.

In this episode of the Truest Fan podcast, my partner, Phil Calandra, and I answer the question: “Will you REALLY accomplish your goals this year” This may seem like a silly question. But, in reality, while many of us are good at setting goals, most of us are not good at actually achieving them.

You can’t just write your goals and hope that they will magically come true. To accomplish goals, you need a plan with specific, measurable action steps. This way you know what you need to do each day to actually achieve your targets.

When you focus time on developing action plans, you stop daydreaming about what could be possible. You procrastinate less and get time back in your day. Ultimately, you achieve the things that matter most to you.

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Rob 00:05

This might sound like a silly question, but I have to ask it. Are you really going to accomplish your goals this year? What we found is that very few people really accomplish their goals. Lots of people are good at setting goals. Not so many people are good at really achieving those goals, you have to have a process, you have to have a way of working through it. And in this episode of the truest Fang podcast, my partner, Phil Calandra, and I walk through the importance steps of what you need to do to really accomplish those goals to really achieve those things that you want to do this year. Listen it

Rob 00:58

you’re listening to the truest fan podcast. And now here’s your host, Rob Brown. Welcome back to the truest fan podcast. Here once again with my partner and friend, Phil Calandra. For those of you who may not have met Phil before, Phil is a financial advisor, he says Grace over more than $250 million in assets. And he’s also a triathletes. He’s a client of mine. So I got to know him. And he’s really good at coaching, and encouraging. So when we came up with this idea of beginning to do some of these podcasts together and doing some coaching together, it was a natural. So once again, Phil, welcome to the truce fan podcast. Glad to have you on board.

Phil 01:45

Thanks, Rob. Glad to be here. And I’m glad that we’re giving people the information they need to take the rocket ship that to where they want to go this year.

Rob 01:54

Yeah, you know, today, we’re going to talk about are going to answer the question, are you going to achieve your goals this year? And as I was talking through my introduction, I wanted to interrupt myself, I’m good at interrupting other people. But I wanted to interrupt myself and say, you know, this podcast is actually a perfect example of achieving a goal. Yeah, because this is something that we purposefully set out to do. But we just didn’t say, Oh, I’ll meet you on, you know, the podcast software, and we’ll start recording, we put a plan together, we created an action step for actually making this happen. And that’s what we really want to talk about. Because if you’re going to achieve your goals this year, you can’t just write them out and hope they happen. Isn’t that right, Phil?

Phil 02:48

That’s right. Yeah, I mean, anybody that’s been in any endeavor, has seen a goal setting exercise, a philosophy, a strategy, read books about goal setting. And you asked a question, will you achieve or accomplish your goals this year, I’m going to be bold to say, not, most people are not, most people are not going to accomplish their goals. It’s like the whole new year’s resolution thing, right. And I have some statistics to share with you, Rob, you might not have known this, but 80% of all new year resolutions, fail by the second week of February. And only 8% of people in the survey achieve their New Year’s resolution 8%. So that’s why I say 92% of the people listening to us right now, you ain’t gonna make it, you’re gonna fail. That’s from the University of Scranton. Now what will make you accomplish your goals this year, and every year thereafter, if you haven’t listened to our dream, big podcast, I’d encourage people to go back and listen to that. Have your big dream first. And then second, create goals. And remember, goals are just outcomes. Goals are the result. Goals are what you’ve accomplished, achieved. But you have no goal without the two words you use their rubber action steps. What’s the action plan? Show me someone’s action plan, whether they’re in sales, whether they’re an educator, whether they’re an athlete, show me your plan, your training plan, your business plan, and I’ll show you to what degree you’re going to achieve your outcomes.

Rob 04:34

Yeah, because that’s simple. Yeah, I think it is because most of the time when you look at those plans, you know, that goal planning that somebody’s done at the end of the year or the beginning of the year, they don’t boil it down to action steps and that’s one of the most important elements of the truest fan blueprint is the truest fan action plan. We dream big. We come up with lots of crazy stuff that we want to accomplish. But then we make sure that we step it back into specific actions that you need to take right now and break them down into small steps. So they’re not trying to do 100 things all at the same time, but break them down to the small steps. So that each week, each month, each quarter, you’re clicking stuff off, that will ensure that you will achieve your goals this year. And, and there’s a real art to that, that I think a lot of people take for granted, my favorite way of thinking about it is, a lot of times when people have a plan and have some goals for the year, what they’ll do is they’ll say, Oh, this is great, I’ve got my plan. And then at the end of the first quarter of the year when they’re doing their review, to look at their plan, and they’ll think about what they’ve accomplished. So you know, I’m not a quarter of the way through it yet. But it’s okay, I have three quarters of the year to go. And then halfway through the year, they look at what’s happening. And they go, you know, not halfway there yet, but I’ve got six more months. And then the third quarter rolls around, and they go on nowhere near there yet. And then they’re working like crazy, that last part of the year. And they never quite get over the hump. And I think that’s why only 8% of resolutions happen. That’s right, I think that’s a really important way to think about. So breaking it down. Having action steps is really, really critical.

Phil 06:33

Yeah, and I think when I think of goal setting, or goal planning, which I have done for years, and years and years, some of the goals I’ve hit some of the goals I’ve yet to achieve, but I’ll keep digging and keep scratching and clawing is you have to have a compelling reason to establish the goal. So remember, we talked in the dream big episode, and what I would call the Dream Big sequence that becomes foundational to what you really want and cherish in your life what’s most important, but then establishing the goal. It’s got to match, there’s got to be a compelling reason. I’ll give you an example. I’ve worked with many financial advisors, and I’ve worked with leadership and financial advisory firms still do. And they would say, Well, you know, our goal is 10% net new asset growth. Okay, let’s get that down, put it in writing. Now, what are the action steps that we’re going to take to achieve 10% net new assets. And Rob, what happens? You know, because you’ve worked with those firm owners do, there’s no action to back it up. So to your point, you get to the end of the first 90 days q1 ends, you didn’t hit or you don’t have a run rate of 10% net new assets. And let me tell you look in the mirror and blame your own self, you didn’t have a compelling reason why was 10% net new assets, the goal, and you didn’t have the action steps, which we call Sprint’s we’ll get into that sure in another episode, but you didn’t have the action plans. It wasn’t compelling enough, it wasn’t driven back to that dream big. And I think that’s what if I could give one piece of advice today. It’s tie your goals back to your dream big sequence, and then put the action steps in place. Because we’re all human. And what are we going to do? We’re going to fall right back the reason that 92% of the resolutions fail, let’s just call it weight loss, is I travel through the kitchen, and the Christmas cookies are still in the 10. So I’m gonna open up the 10. And I’m not just eating one cookie I’m having do Yeah, that’s great. And then I don’t ever accomplish the weight loss goal.

Rob 08:49

Yeah, and that’s a great example. It actually made me think of a couple of clients stories

Speaker 3 09:01

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Rob 09:26

I had one client who had this really wacky goal, she wanted a clean off. She said you know I’m tired of all of this clutter this stacks of stuff that I’m always wondering, you know why I’m keeping it but I’m thinking it’s important. And she said but I feel like if I had a clean office, and I cleared up all the clutter, I put my books on the bookshelf, the way they’re supposed to be I feel better about my business. And that was that was like kind of if the time when I thought about really kind of a simple dream. I said, Well, okay, what action steps can you take? I said, I bet you in your shoes in a big office tower, I say you bet you in your office tower, there’s like a big trash can on wheels. I said, Pick a date, probably like a Saturday morning, we’ll that trash can into your office and throw stuff away, that you haven’t looked at or used, you know, in more than three months, or won’t need in the next couple of months, right. And when she did that, fortunately, she took a picture of her office going in with the trash can. And she also took a picture of the office on the way out. And there were two completely different pictures. And she had her biggest year that year. And when we reviewed why she had her big year, I’d forgotten about the trashcan episode, she goes, you know, Rob, that was the that was like a really important thing for me. And it really made a huge difference, because it allowed me to focus on those other things that are important for me. Absolutely. I have another client who had this dream of taking these very specific long vacations with his family. And he was never getting around to it. And he his family, were always talking about them. But last year, he put the dates on his calendar. And as soon as he confirmed that the dates would work, he bought the plane tickets. And yeah, those trips happen. And he had that dream, as you said, of taking these trips, having fun with his family. And it was important to him, there was a real reason for wanting to do that our kids don’t get younger. And then he said, Here’s my action step. I’m gonna plan it, I’m gonna buy the tickets. And I’m gonna make it happen. And it made for a great year, we were part of what made for a great year. So yeah, I think that’s another example of, you know, if you really want to make it happen, you’ve got to do what you suggested, Phil, you’ve got to tie the dream, the action and the motivation all together.

Phil 12:21

Yeah, I think that that’s exactly right. We could both share example, after example, I have a number that I could share relating to personal endeavors. You know, most people that know me know that I’m an endurance athlete and a triathlon junkie. I love cycling, love swimming and running, what’s the first thing that they will eat you or a good coach, triathlon or athletic coach, they’ll tell you put the event that you want to race that you want to run, put it on the calendar, it’s going to be October the 23rd 2023. And I’m going to back into all of the training or the activity, the action that I need to take between now and October the 23rd 2023. And then there’s only one activity that you have to be concerned about the very next workout. If it’s a diet, it’s the very next meal. Don’t add the cookies or the cake to after the ribeye and the baked potato. It’s one meal at a time, it’s one workout at a time for your client, it was setting the vacation date. And then no doubt he had to save for those vacations, which is another discipline, financial stewardship of your money. Again, that’s the way you accomplish goals. I would take all the goal setting all of the things that you see in you here and throw them out the window. What really people should be doing is minor amount of time on the goal setting a major amount of time on the what we call TIF app through his fan action plan, develop your action plan. And again, like I said, Show me someone’s goals, and then show me their action plans. And I’ll tell you whether they’re going to reach the outcome or not.

Rob 14:09

Right. And the nice thing about the action plan, because some parts of those action plan because like using your example of like avoiding the baked potato can sound like punishment, right? But it’s not, it’s not because it’s a step in accomplishing something that is really important to you. So even though there could be some road or mundane activities built into that action, you’re taking steps toward things that are really important and meaningful to you. So it gives them meaning beyond what may seem like something that’s yeah, a little bit of drudgery.

Phil 14:52

And I think that’s absolutely the case. Rob, if you have not determined that it’s really important to you If it’s not been part of your dream big mindset, you’re not going to stay with it, you’re gonna want the baked potato, that’s its takes us out of our comfort zone, we’re doing something that is not human nature, it’s very uncomfortable. But if you want it bad enough, you can achieve it. You can accomplish all the outcomes you desire. If you have the proper mindset, the proper behavior, and you’re disciplined enough to want it bad enough. That’s really where the rubber hits the road for people. Right? If you want it bad enough, it’ll happen. It’ll happen. Right,

Rob 15:37

right. And I think that’s a great place to wrap this episode that podcasts fail, because the only thing that I could, I think maybe use to tie the bow on this is those action steps don’t need to be like 1000 things. Most action steps are the next one. Yeah, and planning them out and keeping them as simple and basic as possible. So that’s part of why learning this process and implementing it takes some time, you don’t always get it right, because you tend to want to have a bigger appetite for action than you can possibly take. But when you break it down into smaller bite sized pieces you mentioned and and I’m sure we’ll talk about this on a future podcast is we like to work in Sprint’s so we plan out that year, and we want to accomplish those goals and those dreams. We don’t do all of the actions all at once we say how do we space those out so that you’re consistently working your way towards them. And a great way to get started if you’re listening to this podcast, and we appreciate your listening to this podcast, encourage you to share it with others go to truest fan.com forward slash challenge in download the free Implementation Guide. It’s a great way to get a better understanding of the overall truest fan process. And part of that process part of those steps is putting you in a position that at the end of this year, you can say yeah, I was part of the 8% right that accomplish my goals because I did it the right way because that’s what we ultimately want to see. Right. Phil, do you want to see people achieve those things that are most important to them?

Phil 17:21

Yeah, that’s absolutely right. Where are your truest fan other than yourself? Nobody wants more for you than you. But Rob, you and I are real close second. So I’m rooting for everybody that’s listening. Take the action. Let’s make it happen.

Rob 17:36

Absolutely. Thanks for listening folks. Talk to you soon.

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