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The Foundation of Peak Performance

Success often stems from investing time and effort into building a solid groundwork upon which to build our dreams. In fact, we can dream even bigger. You see, amidst the complexities of our becoming the best we can be in business and life, we sometimes need to take a step back. And ensure that we have a solid foundation in place before pursuing new opportunities.

Financial Advisor Edition: Four Key Steps to Accelerate Assets Under Management Growth

044: Financial Advisor Edition: Four Key Steps to Accelerate Assets Under Management Growth

In recent years, volatile financial markets have had a profound impact on asset levels, leaving many financial advisors struggling to attract new business. Even with this year’s market rebound, asset levels in numerous practices remain stagnant, barely surpassing levels from years ago.

Join your hosts, Rob Brown and Phil Calandra, as they delve into the world of financial planning and investment management and unveil the four key steps that hold the power to turbocharge the growth of your assets under management (AUM). As a financial professional, you know that managing and expanding assets is the cornerstone of your success in the industry.

Embrace Change & Unlock New Success

I’ve been thinking about the importance of change lately. How sometimes, in order to achieve remarkable results, we need to be open to trying new things. Embracing the unfamiliar. After all, even small changes can produce huge results. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of sticking to what we know, even when it’s […]

The Common Thread: AI, Giving, and Marketing (Featuring Joe Apfelbaum)

Ep 43 :The Common Thread: AI, Giving, and Marketing (Featuring Joe Apfelbaum)

Join us for an engaging episode as we delve into the incredible story of Joe Apfelbaum, the CEO & Founder of Ajax Union, a renowned B2B Digital Marketing Agency based in Brooklyn. Joe is a seasoned business strategist, LinkedIn expert, and Certified Google Trainer, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our discussion.

In this episode, we explore the surprising connection between AI and networking, unveiling the key pillars of AI-driven networking and its revolutionary impact on connectivity.

Build a Networking Mindset and Expand Your Sphere of Influence

Build a Networking Mindset and Expand Your Sphere of Influence with Michael Goldberg

Networking and creating connections are paramount for success in the competitive world of business. Embracing a networking mindset helps you uncovers new opportunities and enhances your influence. Listen to the latest episode of the Truest Fan Podcast, where we delve into the significance of connections and why focusing on what you can give should come before thinking about what you might get.

We explore how adopting a networking mindset will help empower you to accomplish your most important goals. We also share practical ways to enhance your networking skills, including Michael’s Four Dimensions of Networking and Daily Fight Plan. These strategies cultivate valuable relationships that fuel business growth.

The Power of Advocacy

Truest Fan Podcast - The Power of Advocacy

Advocacy can take many forms, from personal conversations to social media campaigns to networking in your community. But no matter the strategy, the keys to successful advocacy are planning and consistency. You must regularly share your message. And you need to let your advocates know that you’re looking for new opportunities.
In its simplest form, advocacy is a process for turning clients, centers of influence (COIs) and other influencers into promoters of you and your business. Advocacy, done well, leads to a more steady flow of referrals and introductions.

Inspiring Your Team through the Power of Leadership

Inspiring Your Team through the Power of Leadership (Hosted by Rob Brown and Phil Calandra)

As a business leader, you may not always be the one handling client inquiries and concerns – that’s where your team comes in. So, when they feel overwhelmed by these challenges, it’s up to you to step up and provide strong leadership.
Remember, your team’s reaction to challenging times is heavily influenced by how you respond.
When you appreciate and value your team, it motivates them to do their best and work towards achieving success. That’s why practices like daily scrums and leadership by walking around can make a big difference in strengthening teamwork and overall business operations.

Differentiate Your Practice with Your Signature Solution

Differentiate Your Practice with Your Signature Solution

A signature solution is not a product or a service or the technology you use, it’s the way you help your client overcome their challenges and achieve their most cherished goals.
Think of it as a highly tailored roadmap that takes your clients from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.
In this week’s episode, our Chief Growth Architects, Rob Brown and Phil Calandra, dive into the importance of creating a signature solution.
They’ll also discuss how you can differentiate yourself from the competition and overcome one of the biggest problems financial advisors face today.

The Importance of Recovery Time

The Importance of Recovery Time (Hosted by Rob Brown and Phil Calandra)

In the latest episode of the Truest Fan podcast, co-hosts Rob Brown and Phil Calandra discuss the importance of recovery time for business people. They delve into whether grinding is a good or bad thing, highlighting the need for balance and taking breaks to avoid burnout.
The hosts also discuss why quantity is not leverage-able and the importance of building recovery time into daily routines. They encourage listeners to take mid-day breaks to recover and offer tips on how to get away from the desk, including taking walks or engaging in other physical activities.

Building a Business That Can Run Without You

Building a Business That Can Run Without You (Featuring Casey Lang)

Building a business that can run without you while you maintain control is something most entrepreneurs and financial advisors should strive for – but it can oftentimes feel like a daunting task. There is no one-size-fits-all formula and the journey towards having a self-sustaining business often comes with plenty of bumps in the road. However, it’s possible.
In this episode, host, Rob Brown, and guest, Casey Lang, talk about how you can start making progress towards building an independent, profitable business that doesn’t rely solely on your day-to-day involvement. In fact businesses are stronger when you have the right team in place to serve your clients and keep things running smoothly. You, as the owner, get to spend your time where it matters most.