Can’t Do It All, Can You???

When you try to do everything yourself, your business suffers. And you invariably feel the stress.

You may worry that when you are not around to keep an eye on things, your company could grind to a halt.

These can be common thoughts…

But they do NOT reflect the mindset of high achievers.

Top performers are constantly seeking new ways to ensure that their businesses can run WITHOUT them.

These leaders are still critical to the success of their businesses.

But they know that the time they spend “at work” should be focused on their highest value activities.

Their teams are built with folks who are great at doing the other important stuff.

I was recently a guest on the #ResultsLeaderFM podcast.

The host, Jonathan Rivera, and I discussed the importance of building your business so it can run without you.

Please give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Other show highlights include:
  • How writing a book that highlights your career helps you believe in yourself, believe in others, and share love (4:22)
  • The “Importance Jar” that gives you clarity in business and life (5:45)
  • How monitoring your KPIs can help quintuple your revenue (9:56)
  • Why building a team and delegating responsibilities lets your business run while you are not there (11:33)
Rooting for your success,
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