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Be Your Clients Truest Fan

In this episode, I share some tried and true ideas for elevating your client relationships. Plus, you’ll learn to better appreciate the positive impact your efforts are making in this world.

The Subtle Power Of Witness Marks

In this episode, I dial the idea of leaving a legacy back as I share the concept of “witness marks.” They’re small legacies we can leave everyday as we live to serve others in our work and in our personal lives.

Be Your Clients Truest Fan

In business and in life, it’s easy to fall into ruts. We stop thinking about the “whys.” And just go on with the “dos.” You’re asked… “Why are you doing that?” And you answer… “Because we’ve always done it that way.” Inventor, Charles Kettering, once said, “If you’ve always done it that way, it’s probably wrong.” […]