Be Your Clients Truest Fan

In business and in life, it’s easy to fall into ruts.

We stop thinking about the “whys.” And just go on with the “dos.”

You’re asked…

“Why are you doing that?”

And you answer…

“Because we’ve always done it that way.”

Inventor, Charles Kettering, once said, “If you’ve always done it that way,
it’s probably wrong.”

Need a few examples…

… you feel burned out at the end of most days and study techniques for improving productivity, but you don’t make changes.

… your team meetings are long, boring and unproductive, but you keep meeting the same way week in and week out.

… your clients avoid scheduling reviews, but you don’t do anything to make each gathering more valuable.

Over the past couple years, I’ve heard about clients skipping their regular updates too often.

Times have been good… so the advisor and the client take their relationship for granted.

On the flipside, I work with advisors whose clients view them like rockstars. They look forward to their ongoing interactions.

Even with the interruption of COVID, these financial pros have found ways to help their clients feel special.

And I’m not just talking about moving in-person review meetings to your virtual ZOOM room. (I do think some virtual reviews are here to stay.)

Here’s a handful of examples from my clients…

…can’t host your quarterly client workshops, no worries, offer a series of webinars and your content becomes evergreen

…virtual reviews bring blank stares of monotony from your clients, create a more interactive agenda

…no opportunity for client appreciation events, design a client appreciation MONTH and deliver a series of fun and engaging interactions (this was also great for getting referrals)

…nobody reads your boring newsletter, start a weekly podcast or build a YouTube channel

…email responses from clients go down, start sending personalized video emails

You’re right, it’s not rocket science.

You just need to commit to NOT doing things the way you’ve always done them.

Overhaul your client care routines.

Build a communications calendar.

And deliver with consistency.

Remember, You should be the Truest Fan of each of your clients and they should feel exactly the same way about you.

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