Designed To Shine (Featuring Samantha Riley)

Have you noticed that your marketing is a little off or you’re not getting your fair share of new business and opportunities? You might be trapped in a boring marketing process. In this episode of the Truest Fan podcast, I have a wonderful conversation about making your marketing fun with Seth Greene.

Seth is a best-selling author, podcast host, and founder of He has vast knowledge and experience in both marketing and the financial advice space.

For marketing to become truly effective, it’s necessary to create a great referral culture where clients naturally refer regularly and bring new people to your business. However, most advisors fail to make deeper connections and go straight into offering their products and services. 

Finding out what matters most with your clients and taking advantage of this information sets your marketing on the right course. It keeps your marketing from becoming boring and transactional and transforms it into a fun conversation where clients feel that they’re valued.

Learn more about how you can make marketing less boring and better ways to build relationships with your target audience with Seth’s valuable tips and expertise, be sure to listen to the episode.

Show Highlights:

02:32 Seth’s favourite football team and what he learned from being a fan

05:15 Why believing in yourself matters 

08:17 The number one mistake in marketing

12:01 How did Seth end up writing best-selling marketing books

14:30 How to create a referral culture

21:02 The importance of looking different and making marketing fun

26:35 The value of making sure your clients are your truest fans in building marketing

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