Don’t Regret Anything (Featuring Craig Moncey)

We’ve all heard the saying, “never go to bed angry.” My guest today, Beth Blecker, learned thislesson from her father when she was a child. And though she admits she’s not perfect at it, Bethhas used thisage-old wisdom to remind herself not to hold grudges and to accept mistakes.She believes this advice has helped her build a terrific financial planning practice and anincredible life filled with family, friends and fun.

In this episode of the Truest Fanpodcast, you’ll meetBeth, the CEOand co-founder of EasternPlanning, a fiduciary financial planning firm that provides clear and trusted financial guidance.Beth is the author of the bookIt’s Not Just Money, It’s Life. And, along with her son and businesspartner, Matthew Blecker, produces a podcast with the same name.

Given her years of experience and success in the industry, Beth also lays out some simple tipsthat anyone can follow to get their finances in order. According to Beth, you should not just savefor a rainy day. You must have fun along the way.

Show Highlights:
04:11 Why you should not go to bed angry
10:06 How to enjoy life without spending too much or too little
18:32 Beth’s ultimate advice to young women who want to start a business
28:08 Life is full of options and choices, choose wisely

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