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The Proven Approach to Mastering Client Introductions

While the notion of client introductions may have become clouded, studies consistently show that referrals drive significant growth in the industry. We believe that if you provide value to your clients and give them the chance to express their appreciation, they’ll naturally want to introduce others to your services. We delve into the concept of client advocacy, emphasizing that what you truly seek are introductions from advocates – those who value your work and are eager to share it with others.

Have you optimized your practice?

We understand – you excel at optimizing your clients’ financial aspirations while carefully balancing returns and risks. However, let’s take a moment to reflect. Have you ever pondered whether you apply the same optimization principles to your own practice Spoiler alert: many of us do not. We often set numerical targets – striving for revenue milestones or asset objectives. But here’s the crucial point: those are just numbers. They fail to capture the true essence of what propels the vitality of your practice, day in and day out.

The Power of Your Signature Solution

Do you ever notice how the financial advisory landscape seems to blend together? Advisors use the same tired phrases and follow identical processes. But here’s the truth: your advisory practice is as special as you are. Your approach, your clients, and your values set you apart. It’s time to embrace your uniqueness and embark on a path to success. However, there’s a hurdle. How can you effectively communicate your distinct value to your clients? How can you lead them from where they are to where they want to be under your guidance? Many advisors struggle to articulate their value proposition in a compelling and original way.

The Foundation of Peak Performance

Success often stems from investing time and effort into building a solid groundwork upon which to build our dreams. In fact, we can dream even bigger. You see, amidst the complexities of our becoming the best we can be in business and life, we sometimes need to take a step back. And ensure that we have a solid foundation in place before pursuing new opportunities.

Spaghetti Code

A plate full of spaghetti…no sauce. Looks appealing. You only need to warm it up with some homemade marinara. Voila, comfort food at its best. Well, not always. Sometimes the noodles are stuck together in sticky mess. They can’t be salvaged. Martha Stewart’s best cooking secrets won’t help. Similar things can happen with financial software […]

Nine Year Old asks “Does God Talk?”

Does God talk? A few days ago, one of my former website members, Carol, signed up to receive my 30 emails in 30 days, but she issued a return challenge… Robb, I’m in but here’s one for you – not business oriented. I’m collecting emails to put in a book for my nine year old […]

Roller Coaster Vision

Your vision for success is a personal decision that shouldn’t ride the roller coaster of up and down markets. Being engaged is all about developing and maintaining a passion for your clients, your career and your personal interests. It requires a steady commitment to your vision through both the good times and the tough times. […]

Too Busy

Have you ever gotten so busy that you stop doing something you really enjoy? I have. A few months back, I received an email from a member of my old website ( He asked me where I was hiding. Turns out he was looking for a campaign that I had created several years back. “That’s […]

How To Make Sure You Finish Strong

Take a moment to think back to the last time you stumbled upon a fabulous idea. Maybe this new concept was about your financial practice or maybe it had more of a domestic spin to it. Regardless of the idea, the all-important question is whether you followed through with your plan. I would bet that […]

Instilling Team Confidence Under Pressure

During an uncertain or falling market, you need to be aware of the way economic events affect you and your team. The same stress your clients are feeling could be impacting the folks who help you run your practice. Whether they’re thinking them or asking aloud, here are some of the questions your teammates may […]