Phil Weiss: Life Planning to Help Clients Thrive

In this episode, Rob, Phil, and Phil discuss:

How Phil reinvented his career around financial and life planning.
Why life planning can be more impactful than solely financial planning.
Choosing your niche and understanding your why.
Phil’s nine-step process to informed success.

Welcome to the Purposed Focused Advisor

Welcome to the new and exciting launch of The Purpose-Focused Advisor, a podcast for financial planners, advisors, and RIAs aimed at merging professional growth with personal fulfillment.  Having hosted the Truest Fan Podcast for the past 2 years, Hosts Rob Brown and Phil Calandra asked how they could make the podcast better, more actionable, and […]

Destructive Distractions Blocking Your Dreams

The most important lesson I learned early in life was to cheer and encourage my team. Even when the odds were long. You see, being a fan, and having others be your fan can carry you a long, long way.

Where is your time going?

What meeting, what relationship, what effort brings you closer to your goals? Let’s take a time inventory.

Beginning is Easy, Finishing is Tough

If you’re feeling like you need to start over again, and you have a good plan. Don’t give up just get focused, focused on shorter periods of time.

Authors Who Lead

Authors Who Lead Azul Terronez Rob Brown

In this podcast, we talk about the book’s backstory. Hear a positive message about achieving worthwhile goals.